The first on-device AI assistant SDK.
Add the ability for users to ask natural language queries to your app without ever compromising privacy.
Whether you have a banking app, car navigation system, or connected home product — the Snips SDK is for you.
Natural Language Queries

Make your product more human by adding complex Natural Language capabilities, in a few lines of code

Personal Knowledge Graph

Get a deep understanding of your user's context by analyzing their location, calendar, emails, contacts and more

Custom Data Integration

Bind your own data to your assistant, integrate into the user's knowledge graph, and make it queryable

100% On Device

Make your assistant run fully on device, protecting your users' privacy, while working offline at blazing speeds

The SDK can handle any assortment of query and is customizable to match your needs.

  • Book an Uber to Home.
  • I need driving directions for my London Airbnb.
  • Find a nice brunch place near tomorrow’s early meeting with James, highly rated but not too expensive? OK, I’ll go for the third one, book a table for two there.
  • Who am I meeting tonight? Call her.

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