Supercharge your products with AI.
The Snips SDK enables you to create your own AI assistant, while keeping your user data safe.
Build an assistant that can interact with your users via voice or text, understand complex queries, while running locally on their smartphones
Natural Language

The Snips SDK allows anyone to add Siri-like queries to their product. Now you can ask questions with abandon.

Personal Knowledge Graph

Knowing more about your users is key to creating value unique moments. Our AI allows you to have a fine-grained understanding of your users while protecting their privacy.

On Device,
No battery footprint

Our technology is one of the first AI powered assistants that runs entirely on device, and with a small footprint to boot!


All our products are Private by Design, meaning a user\'s data never leaves their device. Now is your chance to make your products private too.

Let your users speak or type complex queries and we’ll make sense of what they’re asking.

  • Book an Uber to Home.
  • I need driving directions for my London Airbnb.
  • Find a nice brunch place near tomorrow’s early meeting with James, highly rated but not too expensive… OK, I’ll go for the third one, book a table for two there.
  • Who am I meeting tonight? Call her.

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