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Build an AI Assistant in 3 Lines of Code
Empower your app or IoT device to respond to natural language queries by voice or text, while keeping your user data safe.
Integrate an assistant that can interact with your users by voice or text. Your assistant will be able to understand complex queries, all while running locally on device.

Handle queries across these pre-built domains, or ask us to train your AI for something custom.

Is it gonna be cold next wednesday in Arizona?

        "type": "GET_WEATHER",
        "location": {
            "type": "PLACE_BY_NAME_REQUEST",
            "name": "Arizona"
        "timeDescription": {
            "type": "TIME_RANGE",
            "startDate": {
                "dayOfWeek": "WEDNESDAY",
                "dayOfMonth": 21,
                "dayOfYear": 356,
                "month": "DECEMBER",
                "monthValue": 12,
                "year": 2016,
                "hour": 0,
                "minute": 0
            "endDate": null
Natural Language Queries

Make your product more human by adding complex Natural Language capabilities, all in just 3 lines of code.

Personal Knowledge Graph

Get a deeper understanding of your users by analyzing their location, calendar, emails, contacts and more without compromising their privacy.

Custom Data Integration

Bind your own data to your assistant, integrating everything into the user's knowledge graph.

100% On Device

Your assistant will run on device, protecting your users' privacy, while working offline at incredible speed.

Cross Platform

The SDK is natively available on iOS, MacOS, tvOS and watchOS (Swift 3), Android and Android Things (Java and Kotlin) as well as cloud environments (Java and Scala).


The SDK currently handles English, with more languages coming soon! Enterprise customers can also request additional languages.

Minimal Setup

Setup can be done in as little as 3 lines of code! The SDK can easily be extended and customized to suit your needs.

Offline Access

Since the SDK runs on device, the assistant does not need an internet connection to handle queries!

High performance

All algorithms run locally, which means most queries are processed in less than 500 ms, and with minimal battery footprint.

Private by Design
The SDK runs on device providing guaranteed privacy.

The Snips SDK runs 100% on device. No external server requests are made, which means that you have complete control over protecting your users' data. No one else, (including Snips) can ever access user information.

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