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    Voice-based commands to transform the payments and banking experience, with security built in.

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    No screen, no problem. Voice-activated smart speakers, headphones, and more.

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    Products and solutions to help telcos thrive in today's voice landscape.


Snips is excited to join forces with Sonos to create even more differentiated and immersive experiences for our customers.

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Create a Private by Design voice assistant that runs on the edge

Snips is an AI voice platform for connected devices that animates product interactions with customizable voice experiences.

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with Snips

Snips brings voice to the edge

Discover how the end-to-end Snips Voice Platform turns speech into action with cutting-edge machine learning.

  • Wake word
  • SLU
  • Dialogue
  • Actions
wake word

Hey Snips

Hey Max

Hey Oven


OK Microwave

Hey Alice

Microphone detects a sound

The on-device microphone starts listening for your wake word (a phrase like “Hey Snips”) that triggers the beginning of the dialogue between you and your device. Your wake word can be customized to any phrase, giving you full control over the experience with your voice assistant.

  • Deep learning
  • Personal wake word
  • Multiple wake words
  • Robust and accurate

Snips Platform Features

With enterprise-grade performance across a wide range of hardware integrations, the Snips voice platform simplifies human interactions with connected devices.

  1. Illustration of a man surrounded by audio devices, floating in a bubble

    Offline Reliability

    No Internet connection, no problem. Snips is robust enough to work in remote locations or rooms with poor connectivity, so you can take advantage of voice interaction anywhere with full functionality.

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    Context-Aware Language Understanding

    Our machine learning models power domain-level contextualization and individual personalization to understand user interactions with high accuracy.

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    Data Generation

    Snips data generation enhances your voice assistant with thousands of pre-trained examples (the equivalent of months of user data), created using a combination of machine learning and human operators.

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    Hardware Flexibility

    Snips is the first embedded voice interface that adapts to your exact use cases, from MCU to MPU and everything in between.

But wait, there's more!

Meet the only edge-based voice assistant that combines cloud-level accuracy on a low-power footprint.

Snips runs locally and on-device, with no end-user voice data transferred or analyzed in the cloud. Our privacy safeguards at the product, algorithm, and business-model level enable compliance with the strictest data regulations.

Bring voice into every conversation

Choose the voice experience that’s right for you.


    Snips builds the most powerful and flexible tools for voice interaction. The world’s most innovative companies are developing new voice interactivity faster and more efficiently with Snips.

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    Rapidly iterate and update your assistant with the Snips voice platform, and deploy to your connected devices with our developer kits. Reliable tools like the Snips console are free for non-commercial use.

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    Our network of leading technology and solutions partners provides OEMs access to high-performance hardware, software integration support, solutions design firms, and much more.

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