The secure assistant that gets you places

Snips organizes your meeting locations, reservations and recent visits so you can find everywhere you need to be in one simple place.

Open Snips whenever you're on the move

Find any location you need, from meeting addresses and reservations, to a friend’s house or local dive.

Compare transit options and launch the app you're looking for

Snips will show you every way you can get to your destination.

Get smart suggestions for where you're heading next

Over time Snips will learn how you move through your city and suggest where you might be heading next.

Privacy by design

Snips is private by design.

Your personal data never leaves your device and no one can see it except you.


Connect your information

Let Snips find important places in your email, contacts, and calendar.


Open Snips when you're on the move

Whenever you’re about to head somewhere, open Snips to find all your locations in one place.


Find location details

Message meeting attendees, check your layered map, and view details.


Launch the app you're looking for

Compare transit options and launch into the right app with your address pre-filled!


Keep track of where you've been

Snips keeps a Timeline of where you’ve been.