Snips was founded in 2013 as a research lab in AI. Through our projects, we realized that the biggest issue of the next decades was the way humans and machine interact. Indeed, rather than having humans make the effort to use machines, we should use AI to make machines learn to communicate with human. By making this ubiquitous and privacy preserving, we can make technology so intuitive and accessible that it simply disappears from our consciousness.


Dr Rand Hindi

Founder & CEO
· Coding since age 10
· PhD in Bioinformatics (UCL)
· MIT 35 under 35
· Forbes 30 under 30
· Privacy Lead for the French Digital Council

Dr Mael Primet

Founder & CRO
· Coding since age 8
· Co-founded 8pen (keyboard)
· PhD in Machine vision (ENS Paris)
· Ingenieur du Corps des Mines


Michael Fester

Founder & CIO
· Co-founded 8pen (keyboard)
· Founded 3qubits (health apps)
· PhD in Number Theory (Cambridge, pending)
· Gartner Cool Vendor Award
· Rayleigh Knight Prize

Yann Lechelle

· Coding since age 10
· Built a social network on minitel at 17
· Founded Appsfire (app reco, sold)
· Founded Eheryl (social network, sold)
· Founded Kick your App (agency, sold)

Dr Joseph Dureau

· Co-founded (semantic web, TechStars)
· Climatologist at NASA
· Machine Learning researcher at CEA
· PhD Statistics (LSE)

Sebastien Maury

VP Product & Engineering
· Engineer at Apple (iCal + secret project)
· Co-founded Fotonauts (20M MAU)
· PhD HCI (Toulouse University, pending)

Steve Tam

VP Marketing
· Canadian Marketing Manager at Indiegogo
· Founded Simocoe Bicycles (sold)
· Founded a 100 Acre Wood (marketing agency)
· Marketing Magazine 30 under 30

Javier Aguera

VP Special Projects
· Founded Blackphone (secure android device, sold)
· Chief Scientist at Silent Circle
· MIT 35 under 35
· Forbes 30 under 30
· Choiseul Economic Leader of Tomorrow

Interested in AI and Privacy?

We are always looking for exciting new people to join our team and contribute to our making technology disappear. Feel free to apply even if you don’t see a matching offer! We welcome Snipsters from all backgrounds, genders and ethnicities 🙂


18 Rue Saint Marc
Paris 75002
New York
33 Greene Street
New York 10013
United States
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