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Snips Natural Language Voice Recognition Adds More Languages

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Snips Team

Spanish and Italian are the newest languages supported by Snips speech recognition solution Snips Flow, joining English, French, Japanese, and Portuguese

🇪🇸¡Snips Flow ya está disponible para castellano e italiano! Ya puedes crear tus propios asistentes de voz o prototipar para tus productos de forma gratuita en la consola de Snips para ambos idiomas. En este breve vídeo, Dani -uno de nuestros Product Managers- te muestra cómo empezar a crear tu primer asistente de voz en castellano.

🇮🇹Snips Flow è ora disponibile in spagnolo e italiano! D’ora in poi potrai sviluppare il tuo assistente vocale o progettare prototipi per i prodotti della tua azienda con la Console di Snips, in entrambe le lingue! In questo breve video il nostro Product Manager Dani presenta le basi dello sviluppo di un assistente vocale in spagnolo.

🇬🇧Snips Flow, our natural language voice recognition solution, is now live in Spanish and Italian! You can now develop your own voice assistant or prototype for your business’ products for free with the Snips Console in both languages! In this short video, our Product Manager Dani walks through the basics of how to build a voice assistant in Spanish.

Take a look at this demo in Spanish with our Product Manager Dani!

If you would like to try Snips, you can create an account on our Console for free today!

Snips is on track to support languages spoken by 50% of the global population in 2020

Our mission at Snips is to use voice to make technology so intuitive that it effectively disappears. A fundamental piece of this vision revolves around our ability to support languages all over the world. Therefore, our team is working hard to add new languages.

Snips Flow offers OEMs an offline and private natural language voice recognition solution that they can easily embed in their products and tailor for their brand.

With the recent launch of Spanish and Italian for Snips Flow, we have added support for two new languages. These are consequently complementing the languages we already offer our customers: English 🇬🇧, French 🇫🇷, German 🇩🇪 and Japanese 🇯🇵.

But we aren’t stopping there. Our team is working hard to ramp up language support and enable OEMs to offer Snips Flow to their customers. In fact, we are on track to support the languages spoken by 50% of the worlds population by 2020!

While this announcement is focused on Snips Flow, our microcontroller-based product, Snips Commands already supports over 66 languages and dialects.