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Release Notes Snips Flow 1.3

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Snips Team

We’ve just rolled out impressive new features and improvements to Snips Flow

Today we’re proud to make public our quarterly updates, with a focus in this release on impressive new features and much-awaited product improvements to Snips Flow, our embedded natural language voice assistant that runs on-device and offline with cloud-level accuracy (or better) on the edge across a rich set of use cases.

Snips Flow is now available in Portuguese

A language spoken by 205 million people in Brazil and worldwide. Bringing support for Brazilian Portuguese to Snips has been in the works for the better part of this year, with focus being placed on the unique contextual, cultural, and content-related challenges that Brazilian Portuguese implementation posed. This latest language addition presents a major advantage for international brands and OEMs developing their products and services for international clients. 

Lower footprint in RAM usage – check!

We’ve brought the footprint of our natural language voice platform down even further, with our current RAM usage for small voice assistants (up to 10K words) decreasing from 90MB to 80MB, and for large assistants (up to 180k words) decreasing from 380MB to 120MB. This lower power footprint creates a significant cost advantage for our clients looking to run larger natural language voice assistants on cheaper hardware. 

Improved user experiences are here

We know it can get loud having several assistants in the same room answering your query, so we came up with wake word smart coalescing. This new feature prevents multiple satellites from all reacting to the same “Hey Snips” wake word at once. We’ve achieved this by grouping satellites by location, so that if your configuration includes 2 or more satellites in the same room, Snips Flow will ensure that you receive just one response to your query! Additionally, we’ve improved the user experience interaction with our voice assistants by lowering the latency before the text-to-speech (TTS) feedback. Now, the TTS will start to speak before the response phrase is fully generated by the assistant.  

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Get Started with the Snips Console

We’re working hard to ready the release of new features and improvements on the Console before the end of the year. If your company is developing a voice project, please log on to the Console as a “Professional User” and choose from the suggested options to start or continue building with Snips. This new onboarding stage will help us identify opportunities to work with you more closely to bring your tailored voice experience to life.

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