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Snips and Jazz Hipster Corporation form strategic collaboration to develop client offerings for European and Asian markets

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Snips Team

We’re excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Jazz Hipster Corporation, a lifestyle brand for professional audio products and smart speakers with AIoT voice services. With this new strategic business cooperation, we will develop joint client offerings for the European, US, Australian, and Asian markets. Incorporating Snips’ flagship products and technologies (Snips Commands, Snips Flow) into Jazz Hipster’s line of smart speakers, soundbars, and more.

The joint offer will address European telecommunications services providers as well as a wide range of customers worldwide, with a particular focus in Japan and Taiwan.

We share the same vision for the future of embedded voice recognition. By combining our on-device and offline voice recognition software with Jazz Hipster’s expertise in product development and manufacturing, we will be able to help OEMs and service providers grab the opportunity to lead the industry by innovating through voice. The new offer will find a market in smart home, entertainment, telecommunications services, and other verticals, where high performance, cost effectiveness, and data privacy play an important role.

Yann Lechelle, Chief Operations Officer at Snips.

Durmas Lee, Director at Jazz Hipster, sees rising demand propelling voice interaction forward:

There is a real need for offline voice recognition solutions from our clients. Our clients worldwide foresee the development of GDPR beyond Europe. Snips would be a solution that guarantees compliance with the strictest data regulations. Snips is a trusted partner, they are the first voice software vendor to provide solutions that range from voice commands to natural language.

Earlier this year, we launched our new enterprise-focused product suite, spanning Commands, Flow, and Satellite, to become the first voice software vendor to provide solutions that range from voice commands that run on microcontroller-based hardware to natural spoken language understanding (NLU) that runs on microprocessor-based hardware. This product suite has already been awarded the CES 2019 Best of Innovation Award in the “Embedded Technology” category and the Best in Show Award from Embedded World 2019.