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Snips and Find & Order Bring Artificial Intelligence to Retail

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Snips Team

Snips and Find & Order are teaming up to create immersive shopping with in-store navigation experiences for retailers and large facilities businesses

Snips recently teamed up with Find & Order, an innovative startup providing 3D navigation and interactive solutions for retailers and other companies with large facilities.

Together we have built an embedded smart solution for in-store navigation to help shoppers find the items they are looking for more easily.

Through either a mobile app or console with a display screen, retail customers can simply ask where products are located and the digital display will show the best route to find them.

We sat down with Find & Order’s CEO Mickael Carvalho to hear a little more about his product and what attracted him about working with Snips.

Tell us a little more about Find & Order

Find & Order is a 3D way-finding solution for large retailers. We edit our own solution to facilitate product search and to reenforce customer experience in stores.

What makes voice attractive to your clients?

Voice makes our solution even more seamless and faster for customers. This is important for our clients as their main concern is to improve customer experience and reduce friction points.

What about Snips technology stood out to you?

Snips technology is both plug-and-play and adaptable to a number of use cases. This is important for us as we are covering many sectors. In addition, Snips technology and reputation are strong leverages for Find & Order​.

Snips and Find&Order have built an embedded application to drive innovative retail experiences

What are your customers expecting from a voice assistant?

They expect an accurate understanding of what they say. If they had to repeat several times, their experience would be wasted.​

How will adding voice help your clients?

​With voice, our clients offer their customers a seamless and modern experience, which is becoming a standard expectation as more and more people are using home assistant.

What are the key challenges your clients are facing when they think about embedding voice to their devices?

Clients want to make sure that their catalogues and customers’ inquiries are understood by the voice assistant.

What are the most common voice use cases for Find & Order’s clients?

​The most common voice use case is when voice is ​connected to the store map and to our client’s catalogue : people talk to a screen and ask for a product they need, then the 3D map pops up to show the way to find it in the store.