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Snips Partner Program Champions Innovation in Voice Products

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Snips Team

Introducing the Snips Partner Program, a joint initiative with leading Technology and Solutions partners to support the rapid innovation and introduction of voice-enabled products to diverse industries.

We are proud to announce the launch of our Partner Program!

The Program will create a network of leading Technology and Solutions organizations to give OEMs and service providers unique access to high-performance hardware, specialized voice interfaces, hardware and audio solution design firms, parts selection and end-to-end software integration support. Together with its partner ecosystem, Snips will fill the potential integration gaps between its voice recognition software and client products and help OEMs and service providers bring their voice-enabled product to the market faster.

snips partner program for innovation in voice

Companies can become Technology or Solutions partners. In cooperation with Technology partners, Snips is able to provide OEMs and service providers with voice solutions that include the necessary compute power, audio processing and spoken language understanding software making it easy and fast to decide on and procure the necessary platforms to embed voice in their products and processes. In cooperation with Solutions partners, Snips will be able to provide OEMs and service providers with voice solutions design, development and integration skills, that will help them deploy advanced voice enabled products running on Snips technology rapidly. All partners get access to comprehensive training and enablement materials and resources including Snips’ own engineers and UX design specialists.

“Snips embedded voice recognition software combined with our partners’ hardware and solutions enable our existing and future customers to integrate voice to their products and services in an easier and quicker way. We designed this program to help OEMs and service providers get access to groundbreaking voice technologies, high performing hardware and first class integration support. I would like to welcome all hardware producers and solutions providers to join this program.”, says Yann Lechelle, COO at Snips.

Technology Partners

Crank became one of the first Snips Technology Partners. Crank Storyboard is a GUI design and development tool that empowers engineers and designers to rapidly create optimized GUIs for embedded experiences. Just as touch screens have become commonplace for any premium brand, the requirement for voice control is quickly becoming just as important. Multimodal interfaces open up new opportunities for deeper interactions between users and devices and new challenges for design teams. At the core, the guidelines for designing voice-enabled, multimodal interfaces are similar to those we use to create visual designs and should aim to reduce friction between the user and the product, regardless of input modality.

“We see voice as an important part of the complete user experience for modern devices. It is critical to ensure there is a seamless integration of how the hybrid solution of voice and touch come together to deliver a holistic experience,” said Jason Clarke, Crank Software’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “Storyboard enables designers and developers to work together to create intuitive and high-performance user interfaces for devices that incorporate multimodal inputs such as voice and touch.”

Among other Snips’ technology partners are NXP and DSP Group. We also spoke here about the latter: Snips and DSP Group Build Voice Architecture for Smart Homes.

Solution Partners

Smile, pioneer in open source digital technology, has been the first Snips’ Solutions Partner since summer 2018. This partnership enables Smile to strengthen its offering with the voice solutions developed by Snips, and enables them to respond to a growing customer need, in terms of voice assistants, chatbots and voice interaction. Through this partnership, Smile is able to deploy Snips technology to its customers and support in creating smart products that respect the privacy of users. Smile also has privileged access to other tools developed by Snips.

“Today’s users are increasingly agile in using digital technology and are demanding new interfaces that allow them to further increase their productivity and overcome user experience issues that often emerge in traditional interfaces such as PCs or touch screens. For Smile, these NUI (Natural User Interface) could be better addressed by Snips for several important reasons. Where the main reason being that it’s an open source philosophy, but above all, the fact that it respects privacy. Choosing Snips as a partner means opening up our customers to a technology that is independent, customizable and that is capable of meeting the requirements of the B2B clients as well as general public.” says Fabrice Dewasmes, Director of Innovation at Smile.

Find out more about this Program here and become our partner!