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Why your company needs a voice-activated product

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Snips Team

This week at IFA, we’re talking to product providers and manufacturers across a wide range of industries who understand that a new customer relationship is coming. Voice interactivity, when integrated into smart appliances and products, is deepening the engagement and loyalty of users and their devices. 

Our kitchen demo at IFA this week will bring to life the interactive possibilities, as detailed in the list below!

add voice to your kitchen reasons

One of the most important features of any connected, in-home device is the secure storage and transfer of information. Because these devices respond to user commands in their most intimate settings, privacy and security cannot be an after-thought, neither for the user nor for the manufacturer in light of increasingly stringent privacy regulations.

As always, Snips solutions are designed and built from the ground up with privacy in mind. Our edge-based solutions do not send confidential voice data to a cloud server, keeping it instead on the device itself for the user to control right at their fingertips.

See how this works in action by watching the demo of our smart refrigerator with voice control in action:

watch video smart fridge voice demo

You can still book a meeting to see all of our new demos, including our washing machine, cooking top, and many more at IFA this week. Our team will be available to discuss your use case and offer the best solution to help companies launch customized voice-enabled devices faster, delighting customers and beating the competition.