Voice Products

All our voice products run fully on-device in the Edge, without any cloud backend. They can be used independently as separate modules, and can offer even higher performances when combined.

  • Custom Wake Word

    Get your own universal custom wake word for your assistant. It uses Deep Learning to robustly detect when someone is triggering the assistant, without the need to train it for each individual.

  • Wake Word Gateway

    Link multiple wake word with different assistants, including external ones such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. The Snips Wake Word Gateway will recognize which assistant is triggered and channel the query to the right place, all from within your own product.

  • ASR: Edge Automatic Speech Recognition

    Use our Speech Recognition engine to accurately transcribe voice into text, regardless of accent or surrounding noise. It can further be improved by linking it to our NLU engine, specializing the language models to fit your specific product use case.

  • NLU: Edge Natural Language Understanding

    Go beyond voice commands by adding natural language understanding capabilities to your assistants. Use it in combination with our Data Generation Service and ASR to get performances beyond those of traditional cloud providers.

  • Dialog Manager

    Build rich multi-turn voice interactions for your product. Our dialog manager will handle the slot filling and intent disambiguation, providing a more natural way of talking to your assistant.

  • Data Generation

    Supercharge the performance of your assistants by generating thousands of utterances to train its NLU models. Simply describe your intents, add a few example queries, and our proprietary human-in-the-loop algorithms will do the rest! Your data can then be exported to be used in other NLU and chatbot platforms.

Industry Solutions

Our solutions leverage our proprietary data-generation technology to pre-train assistants with tens of thousands of queries, instead of the few dozens that are typical of other platforms. Snips assistants are trained to fit your brand, product and customer experience, ensuring that you are providing a cutting edge product without sacrificing user privacy. Provide a whole new level of user experience and grow from your data instead of giving it up to someone else.



The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new regulation on Privacy that kicks in across all of Europe in May 2018. Under it, all companies, anywhere in the world, who provide a product or service to a European resident will need to comply, or face a penalty of up to 4% of global turnover.

Snips’ commitment to Privacy led it to build the first deep-learning based voice platform to run fully on-device, thereby also making it GDPR compliant.

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