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  • Consumer Banking

    Voice-based commands to transform the payments and banking experience, with security built in.

  • Consumer Electronics

    No screen, no problem. Voice-activated smart speakers, headphones, and more.

  • Telecom Operators

    Products and solutions to help telcos thrive in today's voice landscape.


Snips is excited to join forces with Sonos to create even more differentiated and immersive experiences for our customers.

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Edge-based voice solutions tailored to your business

Snips empowers brands to build deeper customer relationships with their products and services, without compromising on data privacy.

What’s Your Project?

Your brand, your customers,
your voice interface

Own the customer experience by integrating a Private by Design, on-device, and high performance voice assistant into your products.

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  • Private By Design

    Snips runs on the edge and enables compliance with even the strictest data protection requirements, ensuring that you retain sovereignty over your brand, product, and customer data.

  • Rich Context Awareness

    The Snips voice platform adapts to your needs, combining a contextualized ASR and NLU for domain specificity with user-specific vocabulary to deepen your customer relationship.

  • Offline and Local

    Every Snips assistant runs on the edge rather than in the cloud and is robust enough to work in remote locations, facilities with poor connectivity, or rooms without WiFi, independently of signal strength. No internet connection, no problem.

  • Snappy Performance

    Our low-latency voice platform eliminates lag time, running in real-time on a minimal power footprint. Our edge-based platform reliably outperforms major cloud solutions while using a fraction of the computing power.

Voice solutions for every industry

Focus on what matters for your business and work with Snips to develop tailored voice assistants for your market.

World-class products for versatile voice experiences

From voice commands to comprehensive natural language voice recognition, Snips provides businesses with the products to create a unified voice strategy. Explore our complete range of product offerings.

  • Snips Flow badge icon
    • Snips Flow

      Our robust and flexible natural language assistant to supercharge voice interactions with your products and services.

      Designed For

      • Banking and Finance
      • Entertainment and Music
      • Retail
      • AR/VR Gaming
      • Industrial Robots
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  • Snips Commands badge icon
    • Snips Commands

      A voice interface library that can detect up to 30 customized commands in 66 languages for your product functions and hardware.

      Designed For

      • Home Appliances
      • Smart Building
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  • Snips Satellite badge icon
    • Snips Satellite

      Extend the reach of voice control with hub-and-spoke voice streaming across our distributed mesh network.

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A cutting-edge infrastructure for the future of voice

No matter your product or service, there’s a way to integrate voice with Snips. We build the architecture and protocols to support millions of voice interactions for forward-thinking businesses from around the world.

  • For Embedded Assistants

    Creating a single product with a voice assistant built-in is streamlined with Snips Flow or Snips Commands

    Designed For

    • Home Appliances
    • Smart Building
    • AR/VR Gaming
    • Retail Kiosks
  • For a Network of Assistants

    Seamlessly integrate lightweight and closed-circuit network voice streaming into your products, so they talk to each other while your customers talk to them, using Snips Satellite.

    Designed For

    • Smart Home
    • Smart Office
    • Multi-Room Use Cases
  • For Mobile Apps

    Adding a voice interaction for Android and iOS apps is easy with our mobile SDKs.

    Designed For

    • Entertainment and Music
    • Mobile Banking
    • Gaming

A new integrated partner ecosystem

Our partners build technology and hardware that bring voice to more products faster, enable new types of solutions, and help the voice ecosystem work more effectively. Companies from original device manufacturers to design agencies work with Snips to reach more customers with voice.

  • Technology Partners

    Ensure you voice assistant runs on state-of-the-art hardware with our network of global leading chip manufacturer and audio front-end partners.

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  • Solutions Partners

    In need of solution-specific resources to help design and integrate Snips into your product? These are a few of the select partners that work with us.

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Powerful prototyping tools for businesses

Access the #1 Private by Design voice app development platform and generate thousands of training examples to help your assistant overcome the “cold start” problem to function with sophistication right out of the box. Your R&D team can test, rapidly iterate, and update voice assistants all in one place.

Start Prototyping
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    Snips brings real differentiators to the market on several points. Notably on embedded voice control, end-user privacy protection and personalization.

    Denis Vanbeselaere
    Denis Vanbeselaere
    Chief Innovation Officer at Auchan Retail International

    Snips has developed a state-of-the-art local voice capability, and the tools associated with implementing that capability.

    Denis Cabrol
    Denis Cabrol
    GM of IoT Solutions at NXP

    Creating a voice recognition company is very challenging and ambitious. Snips is off to a great start with unique appeal too!

    Ron Croen
    Ron Croen
    Pioneer in voice tech since 1994, Founder and former CEO at Nuance


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