Join us at IFA 2019 (Berlin, 6-11 September) for the Launch of the New Voice Recognition Solution for Home Appliances Manufacturers.

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Stream to any Snips Flow-Enabled Device

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    Closed Circuit Network

    Create a voice network connecting the products and devices around your customers with Snips Satellite

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    ASR Streaming

    Low-power command streaming so your customers can control your products from anywhere in their house or office

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    NLU Functionality

    Experience natural language functionality by communicating directly with hubs, smart speakers or any other CPU-powered device

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    Real-Time and Offline

    Real-time and offline command streaming so your customers don't have to worry about privacy or performance

Satellite Architecture and Size

Versatile and lightweight command streaming for your Snips Flow-enabled products and services.

  • Harware Requirements

    • ARM Cortex-M7@200MHz(400DMIPS)
      110KB RAM / 1MB Flashz

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