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  • Consumer Banking

    Voice-based commands to transform the payments and banking experience, with security built in.

  • Consumer Electronics

    No screen, no problem. Voice-activated smart speakers, headphones, and more.

  • Telecom Operators

    Products and solutions to help telcos thrive in today's voice landscape.


Snips is excited to join forces with Sonos to create even more differentiated and immersive experiences for our customers.

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Voice control
for home appliances

Edge-based voice interfaces for home appliances that function locally and offline to keep user data private.

Introducing a range of voice-activated solutions customized for home appliances

The in-home IoT market is rapidly expanding as brands and OEMs look for new ways to delight customers with innovative products. Snips for Home Appliances is our edge-based voice solution designed for the (un)connected home, offering seamless integration for home appliances. Meet smart home voice control that is offline, lightweight, and guarantees privacy by design.

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    Offline and Local

    Voice assistants that work in any environment, without reliance on the internet or a network connection.

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    Full functionality on hardware as small as an ARM Cortex M4@100MHz or ARM Cortex M7@200MHz, keeping your bill of materials (BoM) in check.

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    Low Latency

    Voice solutions that run locally on the edge, never suffering from lag or delays.

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    Voice recognition software that adapts to and simplifies user interactions, with custom wake words and custom commands for your products and services.

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    Upfront Pricing

    A one-time, per device license fee that keeps your costs predictable.

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    Private and Secure

    Voice recordings that never travel away from the device itself, protecting your customer data from hacking or leaking.

Available for most smart home products

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Natural Language
Simple Commands
  • Washing Machines
  • Dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Cooking Top
  • Microwaves
  • Ovens
  • Hoods
  • Refrigators
  • Air Conditioners
  • Cookers
  • Faucets & Showers
  • Boilers

Hardware Requirements

Simple Commands
  • Max. Number of Commands
    Up to 30
  • RAM
  • Flash
    Optional, same as Flash for less processing consumption
    95 DMIPS
  • Recommended Configuration
    Cortex M7@100MHz
Natural Language
  • Vocabulary
    Up to 10k words
  • Use Cases
    Washing Machine, Oven, Lights, Home Automation Panels...
  • Function
    1 use case for Command and Control
  • Minimum Hardware
    2280 DMIPS equivalent
    / 90 RAM
    / 73 MB Flash typical
  • Recommended Configuration
    Dual ARM© Cortex©-A7@1.2GHz RAM: 128 MB

Snips for Home Appliances Solution Architecture

Snips for Home Appliances is a pre-packaged solution containing our edge-based voice technology with integration across any type of hardware using simple voice commands (e.g., “turn on”, “turn off”, “stop”, “play”, “pause”, etc.) or full natural language. Brands and OEMs will enjoy on-device and fully offline operability, ensuring complete control over brand identity, customer relationships, and end-user data.

Diagram showing the architecture for Snips’ Home Appliances Solution