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    Voice-based commands to transform the payments and banking experience, with security built in.

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Snips Commands badge iconSnips Commands

Embedded natural voice commands customized for your products and services.

Snips Commands in Detail

Meet our powerful embedded AI interface, lightweight software library designed for MCUs. Easiest way to add simple voice commands to your devices.

Architecture diagram for Snips Commands
  1. 01

    Wake Word

    State-of-the-art Wake Word technology, customized to your brand.

  2. 02

    Automatic Commands Recognition

    The Snips ACR engine can recognize up to 30 different voice commands per device.

  3. 03

    Intent Classification and Filling

    Our models provide structured intent data to your action code (e.g. "wash", "turn on/off")

  4. 04


    The Snips Voice Platform enables natural conversation with back-and-forth interaction between the Dialogue Manager and the client code.

Tailor your voice interface to your products and user experience with purpose-built dialogue and vocabulary.

Hardware Requirements

Max number of commandsUp to 10Up to 30
FlashAbout 300KB572KB
sdramOptional, same as Flash for less processing consumptionOptional, same as Flash for less processing consumption
dmips95 DMIPS95 DMIPS
Recommended ConfigurationCortex M4@90MHzCortex M7@100MHz

Integrated Language Support

66regional languages are available for integration with Snips Commands

Tested and Recommended Hardware

  • NXP®
    • i.MX RT1050
    • i.MX RT160
    • i.MX RT106L
  • ST®
    • STM32H7
    • STM32F7
    • STM32F4

Industry Solutions

Focus on what matters for your business and work with Snips to develop tailored voice assistants for your market.


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