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Snips is excited to join forces with Sonos to create even more differentiated and immersive experiences for our customers.

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Snips Flow badge iconSnips Flow

Edge-based natural language voice assistant that runs on-device and offline with privacy built in.

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Snips Flow in Detail

Meet our powerful full-stack solution for voice recognition that includes custom Wake Words, Automatic Speech Recognition, Natural Language Understanding engines, and dialogue capabilities. Snips Flow is the first embedded solution that runs on microprocessors while performing as well or better than cloud-based voice solutions.

Architecture diagram for Snips Flow
  1. 01

    Wake Word

    State-of-the art wake word technology customized and tailored to your brand.

  2. 02

    Automatic Speech Recognition

    On device automatic speech recognition that transcribes natural language to text.

  3. 03

    Natural Language Understanding

    Snips NLU library parses sentences written in natural language and extracts structured information.

  4. 04


    The Snips Voice Platform includes support for natural conversations with back-and-forth interaction between the Dialogue Manager and the client code.

Bring natural language voice experience to your clients while removing all dependencies on internet connectivity.

Cloud-Level Voice Recognition on the Edge

Performance on lighter hardware has caught up with human-level speech recognition engines - up to the point where cloud-level Spoken Language Understanding is now possible on the edge and on common IoT hardware with Snips. Even for the most challenging use cases, our voice interfaces can run on the edge without compromising on accuracy, disproving the widely-held belief that the cloud is necessary for voice interfaces.

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Voice recognition benchmark diagram showing Snips advantage over the cloud

Try Snips Flow on Console

Rapidly iterate and update your voice assistant on the Snips Console, our prototyping environment for businesses and developers.

Test Snips Flow
Screenshot of Console UI for creating an assistant


Create your free Snips account and log in to the Console to create your own Snips Flow voice assistant.


Create your free Snips account and log in to the Console to create your own Snips Flow voice assistant.


Enjoy natural language voice interactions that bring the power of voice to the edge.


VocabUp to 10k wordsUp to 180k words
Selected Use CasesWashing Machine, Oven, Lights, Home Automation PanelsHubs, Set Top Boxes, VOD, Music Assistant
Function1 use case for Command and ControlUp to 10 use cases for Command and Control
Minimum hardware2280 DMIPS equivalent / 76 MB RAM / 73 MB Flash typical4000 DMIPS eqvivalent / up to 110 MB RAM / 112 MB Flash depending on application
Recommended ConfigurationDual ARM© Cortex©-A7@1.2 GHz RAM: 128 MBQuad ARM© Cortex©-A53@1.5 GHz RAM: 512 MB

Integrated Language Support

Snips Flow supports full natural language conversations in an ever-expanding list of spoken languages.

  • en
  • fr
  • de
  • es
  • it
  • pt
  • jp

Tested and Recommended Hardware

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  • Raspberry Pi®
    • 3 (BCM2837)
  • NXP®
    • i.MX 6DLite
    • i.MX 8M
    • i.MX 7D
  • Intel®
    • Atom x7
  • Synaptics™
    • BG5CT
    • AS371
    • Jetson TX2
  • Actions®
    • S500
  • Allwinner®
    • A64
  • Qualcomm®
    • Snapdragon™ 410
  • Seeed
    • Respeaker core v2
  • Broadcom®
    • BCM7271

Industry Solutions

Focus on what matters for your business and integrate Snips Flow as a tailored voice assistants for your market.


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