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  • Consumer Banking

    Voice-based commands to transform the payments and banking experience, with security built in.

  • Consumer Electronics

    No screen, no problem. Voice-activated smart speakers, headphones, and more.

  • Telecom Operators

    Products and solutions to help telcos thrive in today's voice landscape.


Snips Satellite badge iconSnips Satellite

Extend the reach of voice recognition with our distributed mesh network that maintains total end-user privacy.

Stream to Any Snips Flow Device

Snips Satellite relays your voice to a hub for processing, without the need of an internet connection. Arrange multiple Satellite devices, like remote controls, set-top boxes, battery-powered speakers, or small kitchen appliances, throughout a space to add new functionality to Snips Flow, extending your voice control across a wider area.

Architecture diagram for Snips Satellite

Add offline command streaming so your customers don't have to worry about privacy or performance.


Recommended ConfigurationARM Cortex-M7@200MHz(400DMIPS)
110KB RAM / 1MB Flash


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